Baby must haves and Nick’s first month!

Newborn Nest sent me the cutest newborn items including this blanket and fitted sheet! (click here to shop their site)

It has been too long! People told me that going from one to two kids seems like going from one to twenty, and I can’t say they were wrong! We are so blessed to have two (fairly) easy kids but it does seem like when one needs something, the other does too! I have mastered the act of doing things with one hand!

Nick was born on Saturday, October 5th at 7:06pm. I was induced around 6pm on Friday night so we waited a whole day to meet him! Around 6:45pm on Saturday, I told the nurses I was feeling A LOT of pressure and they kind of brushed it off saying I still had a ways to go – well, around 7:05pm, they pulled the sheet back and Nick’s head was out – I knew I felt pressure! BOOM, one minute and one push later he arrived. It was such an amazing moment, my mom screamed, IT’S A BOY!

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are – Nick is just over a month old and we are all finding our groove. Ava is such a great big sister, she always says “it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok!” when she hears Nick crying and helps with getting diapers and clothes for me!

Nick has been great with being flexible to nap in the car if we need to run an errand or also sleep through a lunch at our favorite place in town, so that has been great for me to feel like the walls aren’t closing in and being stuck at home!

On a more personal note – I am happy to say I breastfed Nick for about a month and we are now happily on formula. Breastfeeding never came natural to me and it actually gave me a lot of anxiety so the vibe in our house is a lot happier now that everyone can feed him! He took to the bottle and formula right away so thats a bonus! I am writing this so anyone out there reading it can hear it if they need it – feed your baby however YOU see best! It’s crazy how much pressure strangers/nurses/other moms can put on you to breastfeed… but our pediatrician had the best quote… “your son will still get into Harvard if you start formula now or in 6 months!”

Now, on to our most used baby items! Most are pretty straightforward but here are a couple things I will highlight!

wearing Nick in the Soothe shirt from Lalabu

Click HERE to shop the baby wearing shirt! I am able to get so much done around the house and Nick stays close to me, just how he likes it!

I know the Halo Bassinet and Dock a Tot are total splurge items, but I’ve found the best money I could spend was supporting good sleep habits! As you can see, I am not someone to spend crazy money on baby clothes (since they spit up on them 17 times a day and usually grow out of them quickly) so these are my splurge items! Any questions about these items?! Just ask!

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