Comfy, Cozy and Affordable at Target!

I meant to write this post a few months ago but I got distracted – shocking how that can happen with a toddler at home and being 8 months pregnant!

I wanted to fill you in on a very important find I recently discovered – the underwear and pajama line at Target! It really is as good as it gets for the price range! I’ve told a few of my girlfriends that the Auden line for bras are my favorite – doesn’t hurt they are under $20! They come in tons of styles and sizes – I’ve tried everything from department stores, custom made, Victoria’s Secret – I can’t say any of those have been as good as these! Click here to find a seriously awesome bra!

Below are the two I have and LOVE!!


On to the PJ’s! Speaking of affordable, this amazing line of cute PJ’s are insanely comfy, soft, and will not break the bank! I splurged on a PJ set for myself to bring to the hospital when Ava was born (this kind) but I recently found nearly the SAME EXACT set at Target! I have sent a ton of friends to grab them – they are so good! We are coming up on the months where I run home after work and get in to cozy clothes – but in all seriousness, thats like 12 months out of the year… ha! I am due next month and we are getting so excited! I can’t wait to share pictures of our new addition!

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