We are getting sleep these days – thanks to Little Ones Sleep Program!

Have you ever tried to get 2 kids under 2.5 to look at the camera at the same time? Nearly impossible!

What I will say is these are two HAPPY kids – both who had just woken up from great naps! Last month, I downloaded Little Ones Sleep Program click here and have been using it EVERYDAY to make sure I am keeping Nick on the proper feeding and wake schedule for his age. With the holidays, there were plenty of days where it was impossible to stay on his schedule… (honestly, it was hard on me to be off my schedule too) but thankfully, the app has an entire section dedicated to “Getting Back on Track” which made those rough days so much easier knowing there was a plan to get Nick back in to our routine.

I have learned so much from this app but the one thing I believe has molded Nick in to a great sleeper is understanding the importance of the “Lunch Nap”.  This is the nap I try to build our day around, with a 2 year old in the mix, it’s hard to be home for every nap a 3 month old would take, but I make it a point to be home for the Lunch Nap as it really shapes how well he eats and sleeps the rest of the day. THANK GOODNESS I read the “Importance of Naps” tab in the app! Since Nick has learned to be a good napper, he has a more settled nights sleep too!

I was really worried that Nick would be keeping our whole house up through out the night but since we have been following the Little Ones Sleep Program schedule, Nick is only up one MAYBE two times a night for a quick feeding – he is realizing at an early age how wonderful sleep is and we are all very thankful for that! My husband has been a huge help supporting our sleep routine. He works a lot so it’s so important for him to see Nick at his best –  well rested, alert and most importantly, happy!

The Little Ones program has been such a comfort to me. Before having kids, I read tons of books to prepare, my biggest takeaway has always been: the best thing you can do for your child is to teach them good sleeping habits. Did you know most of your baby’s brain development happens while they sleep? I think of that every time I peek in and see Nick deep in sleep!  A big thank you to Little Ones for giving me the tools to get Nick on a solid schedule and knowing how to adjust it as he grows! Please use my code, HILLARY for 15% off any sleep program on the site! Here is the link again 🙂 CLICK HERE

Thank you to Little Ones for sponsoring this post, I received the product to facilitate this review, however all opinions are my own.

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