A few coats of paint makes a big difference!

When we bought our house, we knew we had a bunch of projects to keep us busy for a while.. I mean… a while! We are in the middle of some major construction around here but an easy update was this built-in bookshelf, I love a good DIY project so I took some of it on while our painters did the heavy lift stuff!white bookshelf


DIY bowl and candle sticksbookshelf decoration

Although the cherry finish was beautiful, it really didn’t fit in with the rest of the house. I was worried it would be a huge pain to sand it down and then paint but we found a paint that was made just for these types of projects! All it took was a good soap and water wipe down and we began the paint process. It took about 3 coats of paint and a full weekend to dry. I also took all the pulls off and spray painted them, they turned out great! I have had a lot of luck recently with my spray paint projects… a coat of paint can really change the look of something! I also made this bowl from…can you believe it.. the Dollar Tree! I shared it on Instagram a couple months ago – I will do a post about that too, it looks a lot more expensive than the 3 dollars it cost to make!

Hopefully this can inspire you to tackle a project in your house you’ve wanted to try! READY… CHECK OUT THE BEFORE!!!! You can find the spray paint I used to paint the bowl, pulls and handles here.

old bookshelf, before picture
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  1. It’s gorgeous! Breathes new life and a freshness into your space and you get to honor the original build instead of ripping it out. What are you doing next?!

    • THANK YOU! I am going to show a few more pics of my house this week…once I get all of the legos and half eaten muffins cleaned up!