DSW fall round up for every occasion!

So if you live on the East Coast you know what I’m talking about…. IT’S HOT. Like, really hot. I’ll take the heat any day… blizzards and ice storms – no thank you! Last winter our power got knocked out by one of those insane storms and we lost power for 5 days – with a 6 month old baby…talk about a marriage tester! I will CERTAINLY be better prepared this winter (stocked up on wine, batteries and boardgames). Another thing I will have plenty of is SHOES! Like I didn’t have enough already!?! Browse through DSW.com and try not to put something in your cart…I was just browsing and found some of the cutest fall styles – it may tempt me to get excited for cooler temps!

These open toe booties are the perfect transitional shoe for the next couple months! They are so comfortable – not too high, and have a zip up the back to take on and off so if you tie them once you are good!

Check out these adorable neutral Adidas sneakers! They are the perfect cream color..I will say I was watching where I was stepping because I would be so bummed out if I got dirt on them 5 minutes after putting them on! 


What can I say – a black pair of boots looking like you are ready to kick some… wait no, I won’t say that – what I will say is look how awesome these black and tan boots look with a simple pair of leggings! I have a feeling I will be wearing these all winter long. I love the silver detail on the lace hooks. They also come in a great dark brown and maroon color way that I may need to scoop up next!

Hold up wait a minute – ya’ll thought I was finished?! I had to add a timeless strappy black heel!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the side bow detail on these gorgeous suede heels – it’s a chunky heel and only 3 inches so you can dance all night in these! (Katie, I hope you don’t see this because I am wearing this exact outfit to your wedding!!!!)  They come in 4 amazing colors (red, neutral, black and dark blue).  Have to give a shout out to my FAVORITE store in my hometown, Louella!  This gorgeous dress moves so well and a cold shoulder is always super flattering….BONUS: bell sleeves – my fave!

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