Ten easy Daycare lunches and how we survived the first week!

Our Ava!

Our sweet Ava started Daycare last week – it was a rollercoaster week but we all survived and I can even say – it was fairly easy?!

I’ll get right to the good stuff. 

Day 1 – It was Sept. 4th and the day after Labor Day so all the big kids were back to school which meant buses were late, new kids were anxious to get their new rooms, and us.. waiting in the lobby for someone who looked like they knew what they were doing to tell us what to do. A nice lady guided us to Ava’s room and instantly she saw a group of kids playing with blocks and went right over. We stood there for about a minute wondering what to do. Do we just leave?! The teacher saw us standing there and gave us the look to get out while we could and Ava would be fine.  Day 1 drop off… zero tears?!? Pick up was kind of the same…Ava gave me a huge hug and ran to me which made my heart explode. We got in the car, ate dinner and she was asleep by 6:03PM after a 45 second tubby so I guess she had fun.

Day 2 – Normal morning, get ready, eat, get in the car… about 30 seconds before I pulled into school, Ava threw up in her car seat all over her outfit. Ava NEVER gets sick. Of course, I packed 4 changes of clothes that stay in her cubby for times like this, but I didn’t have anything in my car… no diaper bag, nothing. Except a beautiful linen dress that my in-laws got Ava when they were in Italy…Ava was rolling into Daycare in her fancy party dress on day 2. Setting the bar high!

baby on slide
Ava’s linen dress she wore on paint day – the paint came out!!!

Day 3 – Again, fairly normal but this time slightly more clingy when I tried to put her down. Ava has what we call a “lovey” (Brown Monkey pictured above) and she carried that around for the entire day which the teachers told me made her feel better. It has been an adjustment for Ava to sleep on the mats on the floor so her naps are off, but other than that we are doing well!

Day 4 – Friday! We made it. Ava is eating her food, meeting new friends, painting, reading in circle time, dancing to music and going down the big kid slide. When I picked her up the teacher reported an “incident” – Ava got a tiny scratch on her arm when she got too close to someone else doing a puzzle…Ava was unfazed by it but it made me feel great they told me about it. 

Dr. Brown’s cup

Ok now to some of the items that have been a game changer for us! Since Ava is in the toddler room at her school – they do not use bottles. Ava had been using a bottle but I knew I needed to get serious about getting rid of the bottle before school started. These Dr. Brown’s cups were all we needed to completely get rid of the bottles. I think the sippy part of this cup is a good transition for her. I know people swear by the Miracle Cup, but these have been a life-saver for us!

Check out this cool little “bento box” – it’s a lunch box with little compartments with lids and you can freeze the bottom of it so you can keep your items cool. Madison LOVES when Ava shares her snacks – here they are bonding over Ritz crackers. 

dog and baby
Madison and Ava…sharing Ritz crackers

Now here is what I promised – 10 easy Daycare lunches that don’t need to be reheated. My friends helped me compile this list! The bento box (shown above) are perfect for meals like this and kids who don’t like their food to touch! Mix and match these combos. The best part is they are all in their separate compartments so if they like one thing and not the other, you will know next time and make edits as necessary!  Below the recipes are links to the little blankie/ lovey (which also makes a great baby gift), bento box and Dr. Brown’s cup! Let me know what other recipes you like to do for lunches!

  • Ritz cracker PB&J, string cheese, cut strawberries
  • Rotisserie chicken, broccoli and pretzels
  • Hard boiled egg, sliced, avocado slices and blueberries
  • Pizza cut up, boiled carrots (touch of butter) and grapes
  • Pita and Hummus, Pirates’s Booty or Veggie Sticks, apple slices
  • Mini meatballs and mini raviolis 
  • Waffle sticks with Apple Butter and cherries
  • Yogurt, Fig Newton and raisins
  • Chicken tenders, string beans and applesauce
  • Turkey and Cheese roll up, cauliflower, Goldfish 

Affiliated Links:

Dr. Brown’s Soft Spout Cup

Bento Box

Angel Dear Blankie/Lovey

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  1. Love hearing about Ava’s school week! So happy for the Italian dress you had handy!! And that it still fits! I guess it was on the large size. ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Loving your Blog Hil! Your tips are spot on! I wish I had them when I was sending Meg & Sarah off to pre-school! Also your fashion tips are so affordable. Proud of you kid!